Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gazetteer: Mawar Viceroyalty

The third and final nation ruled by an overseas kingdom, but unlike Dhrataka and Dravancore, Mawar is a direct vassal of the King of Joa, and its wealth is his wealth. The factors and managers running the corporate side of the Viceroyalty work for the King, answering locally to the Viceroy, who in turn answers to the King’s vizier.

The Viceroyalty itself, however, is relatively small, basically consisting of a toehold on the southwest corner of Mahindya, and some offshore islands. More wealth comes from the Joavanese merchant fleet’s shipping enterprises in the region, and from inter-Viceroyalty trading that goes on between Mawar and Joavanese colonies on the Dark Continent (Africa clone)and the East Continent (Chinese/Japanese clone).

The Mawarian military is semi-professional, with some sepoys and regular cavalry supplemented by native militias. All the units generally have European officers, who find the Viceroy’s pay much better than what’s available at home; however, these aren’t necessarily the best officers money can buy, just the most mercenary. Mercenary units tend to be Durani and Rohilla tribesmen, with some Arabhi cavalry, and assorted foot soldiers.

Quick Facts on Mawar:

Structure: Governor – Generals – Raja – Princes
Governor and Military Leader: Viceroy Henrique Sola, the Emerald Duke
Native Leader: Raja Patalghriha
Capitol: Mawar

Notes on Personalities:

Viceroy Henrique Sola is in his senior years, and it shows. Never very bright to begin with, he now has little energy to devote to ruling his domain, and his vicious attitude towards the “heathen” natives and his miserliness with the public purse are leading Mawar into revolt while he remains content in his palace. Given he is also in charge of the Viceroyalty’s army, it is unclear if he will even be able to suppress whatever revolt does happen.

Raja Patalghriha, the native puppet ruler, is only a boy of 15. His controlled childhood shows in his stunted worldview and intelligence, and his early preference to happily drown away his treatment at the hands of the Joavanese. However, he is popular and has the sympathy of his subjects, particularly for the disfigurement he suffers after a bout with the pox as a child. While not bright, he does have energy, and his loyalty to his lands, rather than to his puppet masters, may put him at the forefront of any eventual revolution.

Gazetteer: Department of Dravancore

As with Dhrataka, Dravancore is the quasi-conquered territory of a trading corporation, in this instance the Blue Crown Mercantile Marine Company of Francia. Initially just small outposts and a couple of factories near the independent city-state of Dravancore, the company has expanded its holdings through agreements and conquest. One of the Department’s strengths is it has also acted in not only its own name, but that of the Raja of Dravancore, giving their local partner power, prestige, and wealth at the same time as they’ve helped themselves.

The Department is broken down into smaller Territories, each focused around one trading outpost. Small units of natives or Continentals guard each, with the larger units being held centrally. The Department and the BCMM feel they are in the ascendant, with some talented individuals now in Mahindya and a large body of well-trained troops at their disposal. Expect to see some aggressive attitudes and operations from them in the near future.

The Department’s military, like Dhrataka, contains regular units from the home country, locally-raised Continentals, BCMM native troops, and native allies. Their specialist units include hussars, dragoons, and marines, although these aren’t quite up to continental standards. Their mercenaries are similar to those used by the RLTC – Rajputs and Sartisians (=Sikhs).

Quick Facts on Dravancore:

Power Structure: Governor – Generals – Raja – Princes
Governor: Florentin Signoret
Military Leader: General Joseph-Louis Frassin
Native Leader: Raja Janga
Capitol City: Dravancore

Notes on Personalities:

Governor Signoret is a handsome, middle-aged businessman who finds himself in charge of a Department far removed from anything he experienced in Francia. He is bright, but since arriving in Mahindya he’s been tempted by some of its excesses and opportunities for personal gain, but not to any crippling effect. It has, however, slowed down his plans for the Department, and only the arrival of General Frassin has started to get him back on track. He plays the natives against each other well, and is the most politically canny ruler on the continent.

General Frassin complements Governor Signoret well. Both are similar in age, and Frassin brings military skills to Dravancore that match Signoret’s political savvy. Frassin is also highly moral, popular with the troops, and has a keen and active intelligence. Unlike Signoret, he can’t be distracted, and he’s honed the troops of his command to a razor’s edge.