Sunday, November 14, 2010

The First Post

Dateline: Sanagar, Presidency of Dhrataka
November 14, 1749

Lately, I've been working lately on a few aspects of 18th century gaming in India, including the campaign rules for my Imagi-nations to battle over the fictional continent of Mahindya with. For those unfamiliar with Imagi-nations, they're a relatively common variant of wargaming, used to generate scenarios or histories that reflect a period in general, without worrying about changing history. They're also useful in allowing one to telescope history into a manageable scale - the real 18th century India had a huge number of states, I've absorbed that into less than a dozen.

I'll still be re-fighting historical battles, and the miniatures will be historical but also have a fictional side.

Rules are:

Battles - King of the Battlefield
Campaign - Home-brewed variant of the Perfect Captain's free Spanish Fury campaign rules (with healthy doses of rules from Tony Bath, Don Featherstone, and Battlegames magazine - and other stuff)
Skirmish - Songs of Drums and Shakos, Sharp Practice

So it will take a while for pretty pictures to show up, but hopefully you'll follow along as princely states and colonizing powers battle for control of Mahindya - Mahayana, Panajapas, Sharsha, Rashdurai, Venachuri, Yalukistan, the Sultanate of Khanjavur, Presidency of Dhrataka (run by the Red Lion Trading Company), Department of Dravancore (run by the Blue Crown Mercantile Marine Company), Mawar Viceroyalty (run by the Kingdom of Joa), and the Zarist Empire.

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